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Auto Perfection Cherry Divine Shampoo - 500ML
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    Auto Perfection Cherry Divine Shampoo - 500ML


    Auto Perfection Cherry Divine Shampoo - 500ML

    Cherry Divine shampoo has been designed and developed to cut through dirt and road
    grime with ease, will not strip existing layers of wax. Gently cleanses exterior surfaces and has added
    gloss agents to help with that final finish.

    Cherry Devine can be diluted up to 200 :1 ratio

    Direction for use:

    1. Pre rinse or snowfoam vehicle to loosen any dirt or road grime
    2. Then add one cap full to your bucket and fill with water
    3. Submerge your wash mitt and wash all exterior vehicle surfaces
    4. Finally rinse with hose or pressure washer

    Hand made and perfected in the UK

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