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Auto Perfection Radical Pre Wash - 1L

    Auto Perfection Radical Pre Wash - 1L


    Auto Perfection Radical Pre Wash - 1L

    Our Radical Pre Wash is a very gentle formula that will effectively breakdown tough road grime and bug splatter ready for rinsing before the initial wash stage.

    Radical will remove traffic film and bugs from your precious paintwork with ease and will not affect your wax or sealant coats ad is also ready to use with no diluting necessary.

    directions for use.

    1. Spray onto entire affected area.
    2. Allow to dwell for a few minutes.
    3. Then simply rinse off using a hose or pressure washer

    For door shuts. boot shuts and inside fuel cap areas.

    1. Spray on area, agitate with a soft bristle brush
    2. Then rinse with clean water.


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